The all-round aspects of bilateral relations are considered in the common Ukrainian-Polish monograph. Authors uncover important features of social-and-economic systems convergence under conditions of globalization and European integration, as well as the further transformation of Central- and East European countries. The focus of the monograph is to analyze the characteristic features of the evolution of Polish and Ukrainian economic models.

    The research interest of the authors of the book has been concentrated on the diversification of bilateral economic relations and subject to the fundamental ob-jective - the co-integration of Ukraine and the EU, as well as the possibility of adapting the Polish experience of systemic transformation of the national social and economic model.

    The book is addressed to scientists, politicians, public activists, diplomats, in-ternational experts, and to all those, who are not indifferent to the European pros-pect of Ukraine. 

    Конвергенція та дивергенція в Європі:польський і український кейси: Монографія / [Д.Лук'яненко, В.Чужиков, Міхал Г.Вожняк та ін.]; за наук. ред. Д.Лук'яненка, В.Чужикова, М.Г.Вожняка. – К.: КНЕУ, 2013. – 688 с.– Англ. мовою. 

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